Friday, October 18, 2013

Ricky's Rants: Don't be an idiot with a bike...

Look, just being on a bike does not make you a cyclist.  You can dress the part and go head to toe in spandex, shave your legs, hop on a $10,000 carbon fiber bike that's been exquisitly dialed into perfectly fit you, and you might still be an idiot on a bike....

Some of the symptoms of IOAB Syndrome (Idiot On A Bike) include;

  • Swerving in and out of traffic
  • Riding on sidewalks
  • Blowing stopsigns or red lights
  • Riding the wrong way down a one way road
  • Running other users off of shared use trails and paths
If you find yourself doing these things, you are most likely sufering from IOAB Syndrome and you should be worried because it is often fatal.  Just because you are smaller or slower than a car does not mean the rules don't apply to you.  

IOAB Syndrome is a very dangrous condition for both the infected, as well as those around them.

Here is an example of somebody sufering from IOAB Syndrome, they survived this encounter and hopefully this incicent will help them to overcome their affliction.

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