Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: Rock Shox XC-28

Since my old Judy air gave up the ghost last summer, I was in the market for a cheap replacement shock.  I had a few requirements,

1.  It had to be a minimal cost (believe it or not, but I don't get rich off this blog)
2.  To save costs, it needed to have posts for v-brakes to avoid the expense of switching to disk.

So looking into my options with those 2 points in mind, I was really only left with one option.  The bottom of the Rock Shox line is the XC-28.

This is a bare bones coil shock with only pre-load adjust-ability.  It retails for approximately $140

First impression when riding with it, this is a cheap shock and it rides like it.

Once you set the pre-load right it does function as expected and can take the moderate hits without problem.  The massive hits do tend to result in bottoming out, and it has very little if any rebound dampening so it can be a bit bouncy.  The shock also does have quite a bit of flex so don't expect SID like handling.   I noticed some strange quirks as well on my rig.  It has some odd harmonics with the vibrations from my wheel when on hard surfaces, a low ringing/hum seems to resonate out of it.  It's not loud enough to bother me, but it is interesting anyway.

I haven't been saying too much good about this shock yet, but there is good in there somewhere.  The area where this thing excels is value.  There is no way you can find anything short of a department store bike cast-off at this price point.  When you factor in what you get for the price, it really can't be beat.

Bottom line?  I would recommend this shock for you only if you are in a specific circumstance where you need a shock but don't have the money to get something higher end with more features and better dampening.  For me this wasn't an issue as I was more interested in getting something functional on the bike as opposed to something high end.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Police Department to donate unclaimed bikes

The Charlottetown Police Department has decided to take a new approach in regards to unclaimed bicycles rather than auction them off as they have in the past.

Now instead of bi-annual bike auctions, the bikes will be donated to Kidsport PEI and Cycling PEI.  The bikes will go to kids and their parents who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to purchase bikes.

I think this is a great idea, much better than just auctioning them off, and I applaud the CPD on this initiative.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


On Saturday July 14, 2012, Elizabeth Ann Sovis a 63 year old cyclist from Edmonton was cycling in Prince Edward Island with her husband.  Elizabeth and her husband had been riding on the Confederation trail but had to leave the safety of the trails to get to their lodging for the evening.  This involved riding down a 2 land stretch of highway not unlike most highways in Prince Edward Island.  Sadly also on this highway was a drunk driver with 4 previous convictions.  He struck Elizabeth from behind and fled the scene.  He returned a short while later, failed a breathalyzer test, and was taken into custody.

How is it that somebody who obviously has zero regard for those around them can be allowed to continue to act in such a reckless manner.  After his fourth conviction it should have been obvious that he had no intention of ever changing his ways.  He should have had a ban on driving for life, anybody who knowingly allowed him to drive should be treated as if they themselves were driving under the influence. At this point I can't decide which is worse, the idiots who drive drunk, or the morons who let them.  Take their keys, block them in, do whatever you need to do, if that doesn't work call the police and report them.  You just might save a life.

Photo from the website.