Monday, May 14, 2012

Friday May 18th is Bike to Work Day

International Bike To Work day is celebrated on various days around the world.  This year, here in Prince Edward Island, it is being celebrated on Friday May 18th.

While for some of us, every day is Bike to Work day, it's always great to encourage those who may not normally consider riding to work to get out there and try it.    Who knows, they may decide to take it up regularly.

Dust off the bike, give it a quick tune up, and get some exercise.  Just remember, your car costs you money and makes you fat, your bike runs on fat and saves you money.

Some tips for somebody who has never ridden to work.

  • If your commute is too long for you to bike, leave earlier...Just kidding, find a parking lot part way to work and drive your car there with the bike and ride from that point... Park and Ride
  • Bring a change of clothes, either use a backpack (This is what I do), or panniers on the bike with your work clothes.  Even if you don't work in an office like I do, your co-workers will probably appreciate you changing out of your sweaty bike clothes.
  • Have a plan, figure out where you can change from bike to work wear.  In my case my first stop in the office is the washrooms to change.  
  • Bring a lock, easy to forget if you don't commute regularly.  Make sure you have a good bike lock, and some where safe to lock it up.
  • Enjoy yourself!  You're doing something great for your health and the environment :) 

Happy riding.

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