Thursday, March 25, 2010

NEWS: Bicycling will get space on University Ave. upgrade

The Guardian

A wide shoulder specifically designed and labeled for bicycling has always been part of an expansion now underway on University Avenue, says Terry Bernard, chair of Charlottetown’s public works committee.
Media reports to the contrary, bicycles will be welcome when the Avenue expands to four lanes between the main entrance of UPEI and Enman Crescent, says Bernard.
The shoulder will be one metre wide on each side, he said, and will be marked with signage for bicycling.
“We have been working with Cycling P.E.I., consulting with them all along and they are OK with this,” said Bernard.
There is a chance that construction variations may allow the shoulder to be even slightly larger than one meter and the hope or aim of Cycling P.E.I. is to try and get the shoulder out to 1.5 metres, which is the national guideline for an official cycling lane.
Still, the one metre is just fine, says Mike Connolly, executive director of Cycling P.E.I.

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