Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PROJECTS: Modernizing an old Peugeot road bike - Episode 1

So this project started with an old (assuming early to mid 80's) Peugeot that was just laying around my fathers shop collecting dust.

Step one was to make it ridable.  So the basics were setup, brakes, shifters, tires.

Right now, the only thing that's been done is adding of some new bar tape and an old set of mountain SPD's to make it ridable.  The rims are old steel 27 inch rims that weigh more than my entire mountain bike and it's still only a 10 speed friction shifting bike.

The next step during this project will be the re-finishing of the frame.  Over the winter I will be stripping it down, and repainting the frame.  Once that's done, I'll be re-applying the decals.  For these I had a guy I work with play with photoshop and get them digitized so I can re-print them for after the paint.

Once the frame has been taken care of, the next step will be wheels,  I'm going to test fit a 700c wheel to see if I can make the brakes work with the smaller rim.  This will massively increase the availability of new wheels for this thing, 27's are getting hard to find these days.

The next update will detail the frame restoration.

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