Monday, October 19, 2009

EVENTS: Saint Andrews Bike Fest

So my father and I decided to make the trip over to Saint Andrews for Bike Fest,

So we packed up the truck, with our tents, blankets, bikes, food, and other essentials...

And started our trip.  It was a 4.5 hour drive to get there, and we managed to get there in the we had to setup the tents by the light from the headlights on the truck, until the battery died....

So after our first night camping (was a bit chilly once you got out of your sleeping bag) we got a pot of water on the go for our morning kraft dinner breakfast. Then on to Bikefest.

So our Saturday had an interesting start... While riding around waiting for the start of the first group ride, I was fooling around on a skateboard ramp with my bike, and wiped out... resulting in a bit of road rash and some bruises (my ego included)  to start the day.  Then as we're waiting around for our ride to start, we look around and discover it's gone without us!  Not being people to miss out on the ride, we took off trying to find them, but apparently went in the completely wrong direction.  But all was not lost, we had one of these...

So we picked some random trails and went for a ride,  at one point we came across the beginner ride and stopped to chat, unfortunately for one kid on the ride, he wasn't paying attention to said stop so the transcript sounded something like this...  "LOOKOUT!"  "screeech..."  "crash"   He was fine, and hopefully he learned his lesson.

After the morning ride we had some lunch and headed out with the advanced ride in the afternoon, I wasn't that confident about being able to keep up the faster pace, but though it was worth the try.  I made it 15 minutes into the ride.  But it wasn't me this time, it was the bike...

This is the result of my rear deraileur casing getting caught into the cassette.  I didn't think that was possible, but there you are.. So I limped back to the starting point and Steve from Bikes and Beans fixed me up.

We headed out later with the intermediate ride, unfortunately being stuck in a fairly difficult gear to climb back to the start earlier had about killed my legs, so I only lasted about an 3/4 of an hour into this ride before pealing off and calling it a day.

Sunday morning we woke up, and enjoyed another box of wake up and warm up Kraft Dinner, packed up the site, and discovered the battery was dead again... This time waiting an hour and trying again didn't help.  So we got some help from some other cyclists to push and jump start the car, and headed back to Bikefest.  We headed out with the morning intermediate ride, and got to check out some pretty decent single track.  The trails were a lot boggier than I was used to (brookevale is quite hard pack)  and my semi slicks were not too happy, but it was nice to get out and get dirty.  We checked out a bunch of the local trails in town, I managed to bash my left knee into the stem drawing blood, then not wanting to be left out, I crashed into a stump later and cut + bruised my right knee to match.  And as I'm fond of saying, any ride ending with some shed blood, has been a good ride.  Not sure the guy who broke his collar bone on the advanced ride Saturday will agree, but he's a mountain biker, I'm sure he'll at least understand.

So after our morning ride Sunday, it was back to the campground for a nice hot shower, complete with squirrels running around the shower room, before making the drive back.

It's now Monday, and I'm having trouble thinking of any muscles that are not pulled and aching today... Guess that's a good sign :)

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